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Benefits Beyond Factoring

  • Free, 24-hour online credit checks
  • Free collections
  • Fuel Card discounts up to 40 cents off at the pump
  • Load Services Team. Catered dispatch solutions.
  • Equipment Leasing. Work with our strategic partner and company.
  • Driver Employment Opportunities.


Who Can factor?

CJM Financial provides same-day funding for hundreds of suc-cessful companies ranging from start-ups to more established companies with millions in annual sales. In other words, anyone can factor.  All you need is a delivered product or a completed service with an invoice.  Potential industries include transportation, staffing agencies, construction/excavation, and small to mid-size industries. Let CJM handle your receivables so you can handle your business. Save and Grow Today!

What our clients say

Everyone at CJM is so helpful. The communication is wonderful. Any way we try to reach them, they are there. We got good advice that we are following and we are doing wonderful. Our account manager is always there and helpful as ever with a big bright smile. I just love seeing her. When I stop in, you always feel welcome and you matter.

Fatima, Iowa

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As DMACC's Small Business of the Year and recipient of the Better Business Bureau Award of Ethics, we believe in a strong community foundation and understand what it takes to help you stay in business a long time.

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