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Additional Transportation Information
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  • Family-owned business for 27 years.  Focused on strong core values and community involvement.
  • Online Access.  Upon request.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.  Your advocate and partner for success.
  • Unlimited Potential for Operating Capital
  • Personal Credit History Not Required.  CJM Financial does not consider credit scores and history when determining your eligibility.
  • Flexible Factoring Fees.  Factoring fees start as low as 1%.
  • No Setup Fees.  Free, fast application process.
  • Same-Day Funding.  Receive money through wires, ACH, or uploads.  You choose.
  • Fuel cards. CJM Financial offers newly negotiated fuel discounts up to $0.60.
  • Free Unlimited Credit Checks. Free online checks 24/7 through your personalized client login or utilize your dedicated account manager for credit decisions.
  • Fuel Advances up to 50% of line haul rate after load has been picked up
  • Advance Rates.  Equal to 97% of your money up front
  • Free Collections. We have your back.
  • Free Quotes -- What are you waiting for? Contact CJM Financial now!


  • Eliminate Cash Flow Problems. Having good cash flow is essential to running a successful business. 
  • Quick and Easy. CJM pays you for your invoices in 24 hours or less. Most companies become long-term clients due to the reliability of our process.
  • With this quick turnaround in funds, you can better manage your business or even reinvest it into the growth of your business.  
Start factoring today and start dreaming up new ways to make your business grow even faster!