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CJM Financial Load Services Offers Full Dispatching Opportunities

We Source, We Manage, We Execute


We handle all aspects of the load planning, negotiation, and dispatch.

Carrier packets, securing paperwork, credit checks, and factoring clearance all handled by your own Load Services Team

Communication with shippers, receivers, and brokers taken care of by our team

24/7 Roadside Assistance Support, Repairs, and Price Negotiation on your behalf

We dispatch all types of equipment including:

  • Dry Van
  • Reefer
  • Flat Bed
  • Step Deck


We Source. We Manage. We Execute.

We are a Dispatching, Logistics, and Administrative Services provider that excels in today's ever-changing trucking industry.  Our team is here to work directly for you.

By outsourcing your company's dispatching needs, the stress from finding a load and completing the necessary paperwork is eliminated. If Owner-Operators want to run efficiently and effectively, they should never be wasting precious time searching various load boards, negotiating, or filling out paperwork. Our goal is to keep you and your equipment moving at profitable rates utilizing our dispatching strategies.

We Source.

CJM Dispatch will locate and secure loads, upon your approval, according to your personal profile. We handle all the necessary searching, negotiations, and paperwork for you. This allows you to focus on growing your business while being on the road making money.

Your dispatcher will present you with the best load options, discuss rates, weight, type of commodity being hauled, single or multiple pick/drop, and other pertinent information. Our Dispatcher negotiates the highest rates on your behalf and informs you of your freight options. You make the final decision.

We Manage.

We check average rates for lanes across the country. We are always trying to stay one step ahead to keep your truck moving and making you money.

While in transit, we are continuously in communication with brokers with load updates.  We follow up and collect proper paperwork including lumpers and other assessorials. We are also able to invoice for you.

We Execute.

We serve regional, local, and long-distance clients with load-planning options that best suit their parameters. By uitlizing the top brokers in the industry, we position our clients to haul the best-paying freight.  

Let us be your sales department that brings you business daily.