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Factoring for Staffing

Payroll funding and cash flow worries shouldn’t limit your company’s growth. Accounts Receivable factoring for staffing industries can ensure your company makes payroll on time, every time. Instead of waiting 30-60 days on customer payments, you can receive up to 98% on your receivables from CJM the same day.

No Cash Flow Worries - CJM lets you sleep at night knowing all your payrolls will be funded. 

Keep the Best Employees - Your assets are the people you place. Don’t lose them to payroll disruptions.

Take On Larger Accounts - CJM gives you the security to pursue customers that will grow your business but whose payment cycles have currently been out of your funding reach. Not anymore when you become a client with CJM and start payroll factoring!


Agencies that benefit from factoring include: 
  • Healthcare
  • Administrative
  • Janitorial 
  • IT-Technology
  • Security Services
  • Temp Agencies, and more
  1. Employees submit their time cards
  2. Process payroll
  3. Submit invoice and time cards
  4. CJM pays you same day