COVID-19 Update. Please read to help make sure you are funded same day.
Additional Transportation Information
Call us toll free: (866) 964-8880

We continue to work to guarantee same-day funding for you.  As such, we have installed a doorbell to assist notifying us when you are here as well as place a dropbox to the left of the door for you to place your paperwork.  Until further notice, our doors will remain locked to assist with the following of the Governor's proclamation. Please make sure to call with any questions at 515-964-8880.

Keep up to date on the Iowa Governor's Proclamation by clicking here.  Updated January 8, 2021.  Per the IMTA, Governor Reynolds has signed an extension to the Emergency Declaration that will now expire on February 6, 2021.

The proclamation addresses many of the things that were addressed in the previous proclamation, including masks, meetings, etc. The proclamation also extends the 90,000-pound weight exception. Commodities included in this exception include vaccines, antivirals, prescription drugs, protective equipment, other necessary medical assets, food, medical supplies, cleaning products, other household goods, agricultural supplies and commodities (including, but not limited to livestock, raw milk, and crop supplies), agricultural waste (including, but not limited to animal carcasses), or any other goods and supplies necessary to respond to this public health disaster and its economic effects and would normally require a permit to transport such loads.

The proclamation also extends the hours of service waiver when transporting the same products when responding to the current health emergency.

If you have any questions concerning this declaration, please call the IMTA office at (515) 244-5193, regarding transportation details.