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Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Any business that delivers a service or a product should apply.

Wondering if your business can benefit from invoice factoring?

Well, here is your answer: If your business delivers products or services and you have unpaid invoices, then YES you can factor!

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, can help your business improve cash flow by not having to wait for payment on your goods or services that you provide. As a client with CJM you will be paid the day your product or service is delivered.

Many industries can factor including: Fulfillment, software design, technology, advertising, printing, heath/medical care, and more.  You name it.  Call our Sales Department if you do not see your industry listed but feel factoring is for you.  1-866-964-8880.  Or email

  Find your reward to fast cash and keep your day-to day operations running!

  1. Complete service or deliver product.
  2. Assemble agreed upon rate for service or product.
  3. Produce or provide invoice.
  4. CJM pays you same day!