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What Puts CJM Financial Above the Rest?

Our customized finance and business solutions help shield businesses from bad debt, while assisting their growth through the expan-sion of innovative services and partnerships.

CJM Financial has been helping companies manage and grow their business through simple invoice factoring programs since 1993. We empower clients to succeed by listening to their needs and increasing their cash flow through invoice factoring and additional mon-ey solutions for all companies regardless of size or volume.

Why Factor?

  • Having good cash flow is essential to running a successful business. 
  • Why wait for payment when CJM will pay you for your invoices in 24 hours or less?
  • With this quick turnaround in funds, you can better manage your business or even reinvest it into the growth of your business.  
Start factoring today and start dreaming up new ways to make your business grow even faster!