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Throughout the Years

Always growing with our clients and community in mind

We are CJM Financial Inc, a family-owned invoice factoring company since 1993 located in Ankeny, Iowa.

Our long-term commitment to customer satisfaction and success has brought us to where we are today as the perfect choice for your factoring needs. 

Today, CJM Financial supports entreprenuers and business owners by providing customized finance and business solutions that enable clients to increase their cash flow and help shield them from bad debt while assisting the growth through the expansion of innovative services and partnerships.

Along with a strong sense of good character, community responsibility, and servant leadership, our teams focus on our core values including: 

  • Leading with Integrity
  • Being Agile
  • Build Trust
  • Being Sensible
  • Creating Opportunities (for clients, employees, and our community)

We have worked for years to master the perfect plan for our clients and continue to work every day to create the most efficient and user-friendly process. We have listened to you as demonstrated by our timeline of changes over the years.

1993:  CJM began factoring in the basement of our home located in Ankeny, Iowa.

1996:  We moved to our first office location.

1996:  CJM introduced document imaging and electronic invoice processing.

2005:  CJM expanded our business to a bigger location still in the city of Ankeny.

2008:  Moved to our current location at 1014 SE Lorenz Drive in Ankeny.

2012:  Completed total renovation of our current facility to provide the ultimate work place environment for our dedicated employees. 

2014:  Introduced the EFS fuel card system

2016:  Partnered with Priority Capital Group

2018:  Began load service opportuntiies

2019:  Partnered with Shamrock Transport and DSM Advantage to meet client needs